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Ready, Set, Design! at NYC UXPA

Paper sketches and pencil on a table

I attended an event hosted by NYC UXPA last night led by Greg Dilley, a UX Designer and strategist. He split everyone into 5-7 groups to brainstorm and sketch ideas on NYC UXPA website redesign. It’s one of the best events I’ve attended so far – mostly because of its interactive nature that allowed us attendees to exchange our ideas for the project to increase membership and to increase traffic among other things.

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What UX (User Experience) Is Not …

There is a lot of confusion about user experience (UX) and what people in that field actually do. Many think it’s some pretty visuals or marketing or SEO or even that UX designers do everything from original sketches to finalizing the database as in being “unicorns”. While some can do a bit of everything depending on a project, most UX designers normally don’t do visual design, coding, or copywriting.

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