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Projects Are Like Snowflakes – No Two Are Alike

I provide the following services:

Workshops and Training Sessions

I will provide you or your team with a workshop/training on the topics, including but not limited to:

  • Introduction to accessibility and disability awareness workshop: 2 hours, half a day, or full day at your organization;
  • Your corporate accessibility strategy: helping you make your disabled employees more productive and disabled candidates reach you;
  • Your event accessibility strategy: guiding you through the process from your website to event planning to post-production media;
  • Your higher education accessibility strategy: helping make your university website and campus more accessible to your students, employees, visitors with disabilities;
  • Any questions related to user experience and accessibility: 2 hour minimum one-to-one consultation in person or online via Skype.

Public Speaking and Teaching

I will give a presentation at your event or conference.

If you are an event/conference organizer or an educational organization and looking for a speaker, panelist, or teacher who is not only familiar with user experience and accessibility, but also comes from underrepresented groups, I’m happy to share my experience and expertise as a professional who is deaf, female, and foreign-born.

Consulting Services

I will help you make your website, application, media, service, event usable and accessible to more customers.

97% of websites fail at user experience (UX) and accessibility and suffer from frustrated users and poor conversion rates. User experience and accessibility are as important as the blueprint for a house and need to be implemented from the beginning of a project to save more time and money when creating or redesigning a website or application – regardless of the project size and budget.

I work with organizations on various types of user experience and accessibility related projects – big or small. I can help your organization improve your products and services by offering you a user experience and accessibility strategy and by helping coordinate team accessibility efforts.

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