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Accessibility Strategy for Your Business

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Both your product and customers are important.

Research shows that 97% of websites fail at user experience and accessibility, suffer from frustrated users and poor conversion rates, and cause inflated costs to businesses.

Accessibility starts with awareness and strategy.

I can help your business become more proactive in accessibility. That way your mainstream web, media, and events will attract a larger audience.

Your audience includes 1.85 billion of disabled people – the largest and the most overlooked minority in the world that commands $1.9 trillion disposable income. This significant disability market is even larger than the population of China and EU combined! 

Accessibility is NOT:

  • A nice to have thing. It’s a necessity for all disabled people. 
  • Charity. It’s the cost of doing business – just like any other business operations.
  • A one time thing to be added after the project. It’s the ongoing process involving all team members.

The earlier your business invests into accessibility of your products  and services, the more time and money you will save and the easier it will be for your team to maintain accessibility.

Optimal accessibility strategy will satisfy both your business and user needs. It will improve experience for your audience and increase sales for your business.

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