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Sveta standing on a rooftop with downtown Manhattan in background

“If Content is King, Links Are Queen”

A website may look pretty and function well, but if information is hard to find, navigate, or access, it creates a frustrating experience for a visitor. It also affects the website’s search engine rankings and maintenance.

Therefore, I do user research, conduct usability and accessibility testing, optimize content and create clean, well-organized, and professional-looking websites based on responsive design and other latest standards. This would satisfy both business and user needs.

My services include:

  • user experience & accessibility,
  • consultation & training,
  • speaking & teaching.

Regardless of the scope of a project, my first and foremost concern is to ensure that website is well-organized and user-friendly without unnecessary bells and whistles, and I enjoy working with clients who care as much about usable and accessible content as about good design and functions.

I’ve also been a speaker at events and conferences since 2008 where I present mostly about user experience and accessibility.

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