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Svetlana presenting in an auditorium with two screens behind her - a left one with slides and a right one with live captioning

Sveta speaking in front of audience with a slide in background
Sveta signing on a podium on right with a large screen showing live captions on left

I’ve been presenting at events and conferences since 2008, mostly about user experience and accessibility.

My talks are not typical:

  • I use American Sign Language (my fifth language) and
  • have interpreters voice for me in spoken English (due to some people having difficulties understanding my Russian and deaf accents) and
  • stenocaptioners provide real time verbatim captions in English (my third language) for everyone.

That way more attendees can access information not only via audio, but also via captioning that benefits more people than just those who are deaf or hard of hearing. They can also learn firsthand about user experience and accessibility from the speaker who is deaf, female, and foreign-born and gives them an unique perspective.

Feel free to contact me if you are interested in hiring me for:

  • a speaking engagement at your event or conference,
  • teaching a class or workshop in your organization, or
  • providing a training for your team.

Articles about my past presentations

Examples of past presentations

  • “Accessibility Through the Eyes of a Deaf Professional”:
    AngularConnect 2017 in London, United Kingdom
  • “Deaf-Friendly WordPress: Beyond Video Captioning and Sign Language”:
    WordCamp US 2016 in Philadelphia, PA
  • “Communication Access in Higher Education: How Serving Deaf People Benefits Everyone”:
    ConfabEdu 2016 in Philadelphia, PA
  • “Why Accessibility is Universal Design: Perspective from a Deaf Professional”
    NYC UXPA event 2016
    in New York City, NY
  • “Beyond Video Captioning and Sign Language: Accessibility for Deaf and Hard of Hearing People”:
    The Accessible World 2016 in Philadelphia, PA
  • “Communication Access for Deaf Students and Employees”:
    HighEd Web New England 2016 in South Hadley, MA
  • “Accessibility Through the Eyes of a Deaf Professional”
    World IA Day 2016
    in New York City, NY
  • “Quality Same-Language Captioning: Bringing Access to Both Deaf People and Foreigners”:
    Polyglot Conference 2015 in New York City, NY
  • “Accessibility Through the Eyes of a Deaf Person”:
    Accessibility Camp 2015 in Brooklyn, NY
  • “Accessible Content: Quality Captioning and Transcription as Universal Design”:
    Gilbane Conference 2014 in Boston, MA
  • “Captioning as Universal Design: Making Aural Information Accessible for Everyone”:
    User Focus 2014 in Washington, DC
  • “Making Aural Information Accessible: Captioning as Universal Design”:
    edUi Conference 2014 in Richmond, VA
  • “Quality Captioning as Universal Access: Making Aural Information Accessible for Everyone”
    Ignite Velocity 2014
    in New York City, NY
  • “Accessibility Beyond Coding: It’s Everyone’s Responsibility”:
    Word Camp 2014 in Brooklyn, NY
  • Accessibility Camps 2013 in Boston, MA and Washington, DC
  • “Secrets of Audio Transcription in Improving UX Universally”:
    IA Summit 2013 in Baltimore, MD
  • “Website Accessibility”
    WordPress Meetup 2012
    in New York City
  • “Beyond Captions: Universal Access, Universal Appeal”:
    Big Design 2012 in Dallas, TX
  • “Web Accessibility for Deaf and Hard of Hearing People”:
    Accessibility Camps 2011 in Boston, MA and Washington, DC
  • Accessibility Camp 2010 in Washington, DC
  • “Audio + Text = Accessibility”:
    EduWeb 2009 in Chicago, IL
  • “Internet Evolution Through the Eyes of a Deaf User and Web Professional”:
    HighEd Web 2008 in Springfield, MO
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