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What UX (User Experience) Is Not …

There is a lot of confusion about user experience (UX) and what people in that field actually do. Many think it’s some pretty visuals or marketing or SEO or even that UX designers do everything from original sketches to finalizing the database as in being “unicorns”. While some can do a bit of everything depending on a project, most UX designers normally don’t do visual design, coding, or copywriting.

Here are some clarifications about UX:

UX is not UI (user interface)

Erik wrote an excellent article about how many people are confusing UX with UI by “thinking that UX = User Interface Design.” He explains that UI is a major part of UX, but UX is not UI. While it is important to have a professional looking website, it would not mean anything if people have a hard time using it.

UX is not marketing

While UX and marketing are similar in focusing on people, the major difference between UX and marketing is that UX is about how and why people use products/services, and marketing is about what products/services they use and what they say about them.

UX is not SEO (search engine optimization)

UX designers are not SEO specialists, but creating good UX resolves many SEO issues. As TJ Ward says: “Basically, if UX creates a good information architecture, ensures accessibility, and defines a good content strategy, a lot of SEO recommendations are covered.”

So what UX is really?

To better understand about UX, Jacob Gube wrote an excellent article, What Is User Experience Design? Overview, Tools And Resources. He explains that “those who work on UX (called UX designers) study and evaluate how users feel about a system, looking at such things as ease of use, perception of the value of the system, utility, efficiency in performing tasks and so forth.”

Great UX is balancing the needs of business and technology with the needs of people.

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