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Why Diversity and Inclusion Means Nothing Without Accessibility

On left a group of people called "diversity and inclusion" excluding a person on left called "accessibility"

Diversity and inclusion has been a hot topic lately. Issues experienced by women and minority groups are often discussed at events and in media which is great. However, the largest minority is sadly rarely or never mentioned – it’s people with disabilities. They represent 1.3 BILLION people worldwide with $1 TRILLION of disposable income.

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Artificial Intelligence Is Already Here

Different devices with wires in blue color

Despite the recent hype about artificial intelligence, it has started quite a while ago – in 1950’s – when Alan Turing asked a question: “Can a machine think?” as depicted in the movie, “The Imitation Game”. The word “artificial intelligence” (AI) was coined in 1955 by John McCarthy who is considered a father of AI. There’s a website where he explained what artificial intelligence is.

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