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COVID-19 and My Take on Accessibility as a Deaf Person

No one expected that 2020 would start with a tiny yet very mighty bug that would cause the pandemic and put the whole world on halt for a long time. Many businesses and schools got closed or switched to virtual work or learning. Everyone was asked to stay home except for essential workers. International travel got suspended and country borders closed. Hospitals got filled with patients infected with COVID-19.

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Why I Relate to Queen Victoria as a Deaf Woman

Svetlana standing in Kensington Gardens in front of Victoria statue and Kensington Palace.

I had heard a lot about Queen Victoria, but didn’t know much about her life until after I took a tour at Kensington Palace during my London visit last year and then started watching “Victoria”, the British TV series. Being a history geek, I got really fascinated by her story. Although the queen lived a couple centuries before me, I saw a lot of myself in her when listening to her story that impacted me in many ways and was as relevant as those of modern women.

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