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Category: User Experience

What UX (User Experience) Is Not …

There is a lot of confusion about user experience (UX) and what people in that field actually do. Many think it’s some pretty visuals or marketing or SEO or even that UX designers do everything from original sketches to finalizing the database as in being “unicorns”. While some can do a bit of everything depending on a project, most UX designers normally don’t do visual design, coding, or copywriting.

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From Paper Sketch to Majestic Building

When taking a tour at NYPL (New York Public Library), I could not help being amazed at how beautiful the structure is and listening to interesting stories about how the library was built. Not only it is fascinating to me as a history buff and a voracious reader, but it is also important to note as a user experience designer that any website like any building cannot be structured without a blueprint.

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What is UX and Why is It Important?

Nowadays UX sounds like a buzzword, and many people seem not to understand what user experience actually means. From my conversations with prospective clients, they often think that it’s something that you fix after a project is done. It’s further from the truth. UX is not even same as QA (quality assurance) testing.

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