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Text: I'm not a robot... A robot hand about to hit a red button.

How many of you are tired of checking off a box by Google reCAPTCHA to prove “I’m not robot” then seeing a pop up window showing images? I think they are not better than original CAPTCHAs that showed letters that were distorted beyond recognition.

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Challenges of Content Preservation in the Digital Age

Overlap of numbers 0 and 1 in blue and green in black digital space

For centuries, information has been stored on paper or some sort of analog material, but now that more content is stored digitally, the question now is how to better preserve it? By 2020, the volume of data will increase to roughly 44 zettabytes or 44 trillion GB! It more than doubles every 2 years. Think about huge volumes of photos, videos, emails, documents, social media files, and so on.

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