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Why Do You Draw With Your Left Hand?

A light skinned left hand with a blue brush pen over a left handed notebook on a table with cherry design.

That’s the question I was asked by teachers when I was in elementary school. My class was tasked to paint a wall mural in the hall of a school for the deaf. Some teachers walked by as we painted. They were bothered that I used my left hand to paint and asked me why. My answer was simple: “I’m left handed.” What else to say? 🙂

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Text: I'm not a robot... A robot hand about to hit a red button.

How many of you are tired of checking off a box by Google reCAPTCHA to prove “I’m not robot” then seeing a pop up window showing images? I think they are not better than original CAPTCHAs that showed letters that were distorted beyond recognition.

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