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Riding the Waves of Accessibility – Lessons from Scotland’s Kelpies

A brunette in a brown coat standing in front of 2 large metallic horse heads.

Today is National Horse Day. 🐴

It got me thinking about the surprising connection between horses and my work in accessibility.

Let me share three interesting aspects:

  1. Chinese Zodiac: I was born in the Year of the Horse according to the Chinese calendar, and the symbolism has always intrigued me.
  2. Scotland’s Kelpies: Recently, I visited Scotland and marveled at the colossal Kelpies, the world’s largest equine sculptures (shown on the photo above). In Scottish mythology, Kelpies are shape-shifting water spirits that can transform into horses, luring unsuspecting individuals before revealing their true, and often dangerous, nature.
  3. The Kelpies and Accessibility: The Kelpies remind me of the allure of automated accessibility tools claiming to solve all accessibility issues. Much like these mythical creatures, these tools can give a false sense of security.

The article by the European Commission explains why.

🚨 No Magic Wand for Accessibility

I often get asked about quick, inexpensive tools that promise to fix all accessibility issues instantly.

Spoiler alert: there’s no magic wand! Accessibility is a complex journey that demands ongoing commitment and expertise.

In my post, I delve into why relying solely on such tools can be detrimental to web accessibility.

💡 The Solution? Awareness and Strategy

Want to enhance accessibility? It begins with awareness and strategy.

Check out my insights on why these elements are crucial in the journey towards a more accessible online space.

🌐 Ready to Improve Accessibility in 2024?

As a B2B accessibility strategy consultant with lived experience as a deaf person, I’ve assisted businesses in enhancing accessibility for over 1.95 billion disabled people.

Are you prepared to take the leap towards a more inclusive future?

Avoid the ‘Kelpies’ of accessibility — let’s connect!

Send me a message. 📨

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