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The Year in Review – 2022

As the year is coming to the end, I would like to share my 2022 highlights.

1️⃣ 📚

I published the second edition of my book, Sound Is Not Enough: The Art of Captioning for Universal Access.

The book guides you through the process of adding captioning to your communications so that you can go beyond meeting accessibility mandates. The book dispels common myths about deaf and hard-of-hearing people, describes my experiences with deafness, and provides examples of high-quality captioning. It is more than just adding text. Captioning is an art that needs to be done by following the best practices.

Wondering what to give a special colleague as a gift or what add to your reading list?

Check out both paper and digital copies of the book.

2️⃣ 👩‍💻

I worked with wonderful clients to provide consulting services and to give presentations. I appreciate their support of my business.

While it’s great to see more awareness about accessibility, there’s still a lack of understanding about optimal accessibility strategies. The most common misconception is that automatic tools are a magic wand that can fix accessibility after any project is done.

That’s why I am educating businesses about accessibility via consulting services and speaking engagements.

3️⃣ 🎅

My long time dream finally came true – I witnessed the Northern Lights!

The photo on top was captured during the Northern Lights in Lapland. The sight was incredible. The lights appeared twice during one evening and lasted about 2 hours each time.

I had an amazing experience visiting Iceland in the summer and Finland last month.

Speaking of accessibility, Santa in Lapland impressed me with takin his time to communicate with me in writing.

Check out the video of Santa communicating with me.

The reason I wanted to mention is because Santa showed how much he cares. He was not analyzing whether to comply with accessibility laws or not. He simply wanted to create the best experience for the deaf visitor by communicating with her in writing, her preferred method.

Does your business want to have more happy and loyal customers – both disabled and non-disabled?

Be like Santa.

By caring about your customers, listening to their needs, and improving their experiences, you will also get on Santa’s Nice List.

If your business needs my help with accessibility, contact me.

Happy New Year! 🎉

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